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S.M. Higgins


"Mr. S. M. Higgins a special student in the New York State College of Forestry has been appointed forester to the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. This is a very large and influential company in northern Michigan which owns in addition to large iron and railway interests, one million acres of woodland. It employs large number of Finnish wood choppers to supply the wood for the charcoal used in smelting the iron ore. Mr. Higgins will operate on Grand Island, a beautiful piece of land near the town of Munising and the famous Pictured Rocks. Although the island is at present densely wooded and inhabited only by light-house keepers and employees of the company it is destined to become a resort of as much importance to the people of Chicago and other cities as the Adirondacks are to New York. He will have charge of the general forestry work, fish and game preservation, road construction, and other works which will add to the value and attractions of the island. "

                                    -Excerpted from the Forestry Quarterly, 1902, pp 77-78

Note:  Cleveland Cliffs continues to have a presence in the Upper Peninsula.  The New York State College of Forestry is now called the "State University of New York -  College of Environmental Science and Forestry" and is located in Syracuse.  In 1902, the forestry schools at MSU and the U of M were just beginning.  Grand Island is now a designated recreation area of the Hiawatha National Forest. 

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